Super Arcade denied permit to re-open in Azusa, California

Public urination?

Once a mecca for arcade and fighting game fans, the venerable FGC hot-spot Super Arcade closed the doors of its Walnut, California location last December after failing to reach a lease agreement with its landlord. After being unable to find another suitable location in Walnut, it was announced that Super Arcade would re-open in a new location in the beautiful city of Azusa, California in the near future. That was until the city council decided to deny them the permit required to own and operate an arcade in a 3-1 vote.

Citing a multitude of bizarre rationales including the idea that an arcade would bring an undesirable element to the city and an increase in “public urination,” the city decided that it could live without an arcade and flung Super Arcade back into real estate limbo.

So this is how the last arcade dies. Under the phantom threat of public “oopsy” puddles. I think Patrick Miller, known as @Paththeflip on Twitter, put it best –  

Super Arcade denied permit by the city council of Azusa by 3-1 vote [NeoGAF]

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