Sup Holmes tastes the rainbow with Runbow’s Alex Rushdy

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[Update: Show’s over everybody! We talked way more about R. Mika’s butt than I thought we would, which was a nice surprise. Thanks again to Alex for being on the show! The rerun should be up soon. In the meantime, here’s popular Youtube personalities The Game Grumps playing Runbow.]

Today on Sup Holmes we’re happy to welcome 13AM Games’ Alex Rushdy to the program. We’ll be talking about how Alex got into the industry, how he and the team at 13AM came up with Runbow, how the game’s huge crossover cast was brought together, the pros and cons to releasing as Wii U exclusive, and a lot more. Join us at 2:30pm right here for the whole butt-slapping extravaganza! 

Jonathan Holmes
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