Sup Holmes says goodbye to PS Mobile with Brandon Sheffield

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Today on Sup Holmes we’re happy to welcome Brandon Sheffield to the program. In the past, Brandon tended to split his time in the videogame world between honest to goodness journalism and good old fashioned game development, but  these days, it seems he’s leaning more towards the development side of things. He may be most well known to many for this 2014 piece on Nintendo’s relationship with indie game developers that many feel has since influenced the company to change their ways for the better in the months that followed. Ironically enough, he’s also the creator of Oh, Deer!, the last game to ever be released on PS Mobile, a platform that most would agree Sony didn’t do all that much to support. He also created not one but two games with the word “gun” in the name (Gunsport and Gunhouse), so chances are we’ll end up talking about firearms at some point.

Brandon will be joining us from his Hotel at E3, so if you have any hot pre-E3 questions for us, now’s the time to ask them. The show starts at 4pm EST, so don’t be late!

Jonathan Holmes
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