Sup Holmes rings in the new year with Fara and INK creator Zack Bell

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[Update: Thanks for watching everyone! Rerun should be up soon. In the meantime, here’s popular Youtube man Markiplier playing INK by Zack Bell games. He is unhappy.]

It’s time for the first Sup Holmes of 2016, and what better way to kick off another 12 months of being alive than with Zack Bell, creator of the critically acclaimed, color-splatter platformer INK and upcoming top-down action adventure title Fara & the Eye of Darkness. It’s got really good warthogs, among other things. 

We’ll be talking to Zack about the ins and outs of game development, managing inspiration versus realistic expectations regarding what he’s able to make, his thoughts on the idea that marketing can sometimes backfire on a game, and a lot more. Tune in at 2:30pm EST for the whole bonanza.

Jonathan Holmes
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