Sup Holmes facilitates phallic feelings with Robert Yang

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[Update: Show’s over folks! Here’s a lets play of Hurt Me Plenty by 2 Girls 1 Let’s Play to hold us over until the rerun is ready.]

Today on Sup Holmes, we’re delighted to welcome Robert Yang to the program. Robert has probably done more for the exploration of lust for men in video games than the entire AAA industry combined. Though he’s been making games for years, his more recent, more sexually charged titles like Hurt Me Plenty, Succulent, Stick Shift, and Cobra Club have put him in the spotlight in a whole new way. We’ll be talking to him about those games, his early forays in narrative-focused Half Life 2 modding, the ESRB’s hard “Adults Only” stance on erect penises in video games, and a lot more. 

Join us here at 4pm for the full post-Independence Day extravaganza! 

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