Sup Holmes explodes into Aether with Tyler Glaiel

Get to know the people who make great videogames

[Update: Show’s over folks! Thanks again to Tyler for hanging out with this. The rerun should be up this week. In the meantime, here is a cute Bombernauts trailer.]

Today on Sup Holmes we welcome Tyler Glaiel to the program. Tyler has been making games for years (Aether, Number, Closure, Helen Keller: The Game and Bombernauts to name a few), many of which have been played in the millions, yet he isn’t yet a household name in videogames. I chalk that up to the fact he’s too busy making those darn videogames to stir up too much drama.

Then again, the last time I saw Tyler in real life, he was dead set on buying some swimming trunks and taking a ride down a water slide. Prior to that, he had been telling me how Yoshi’s New Island is one of the most painfully bad Nintendo games he’d ever played. So maybe Tyler does have the capacity to stir up drama and do more with his life than make videogames.

Still, I expect we’ll be spending more time talking about the latter than the former on this week’s Sup Holmes, but you never know with live talk shows. Maybe Tyler will reveal that he’s the one who have Kojima fired from Konami and we’ll all end up having to dab our sweaty brows as we wade through the sweet drama sauna that they call “the modern videogame industry”. I guess you’ll have to tune in for yourself to find out. The show starts at 4pm EST, so don’t be late! 

Jonathan Holmes
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