Sup Holmes answers the dark call with Joy Masher (Odallus)

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[Update: Show’s over folks! We talked a lot more about Brazilian life and how it compares to Castlevania 2 than I thought we would, but I’m not complaining. The rerun should be up soon, so in the meantime, enjoy this trailer for Odallus.]

Today on Sup Holmes we’re happy to welcome Thais Weiller from Joy Masher to the program. Joy Masher first made waves in the industry with Oniken, a “retro” title that rejected the cute, big-head/little-body look seen in many sprite art games of the day for a more realistically proportioned, Fist of the North Star influenced look. They’re refined that style even further with Odallus: The Dark Call, a masterfully crafted Castlevania-esque title that was recently released on Steam. You can grab both games right in a discount bundle right now, which is neat. 

We’ll be talking to Thais Weiller from Joy Masher today at 4pm EST about how the studio has grown, the potential for their games to make it to consoles, and whatever else she wants to talk about. We hope to see you there! 

Jonathan Holmes
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