Sunken Ship password solution in Super Mario RPG

This one is cemented in my memory.

Super Mario RPG Remake Sunken Ship Password

I’m going to be honest with you: solving the password puzzles in Super Mario RPG is probably my least favorite part of the entire game. So, do you just want to know what the Sunken Ship Password Solution is?

Super Mario RPG Remake Sunken Ship Password hint
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In this section of the Sunken Ship, there are six puzzles that you complete for hints. Five of them are in their own room, and the last is behind a barrel in the save room. If you don’t just want the password given away, then here are the hints that you find in the six puzzle rooms

  • The search party Onyx’s memo: It is very valuable
  • The 2nd Expedition Team’s memo: It has two vowels
  • The adventurer Indigo Jr.’s memo: It is found on the bed of the ocean
  • The 4th Investigation Crew’s memo: “It” is actually a “They”
  • The adventurer Indigo’s memo: There is an “S” in the word
  • The treasure hunter Elan’s memo: The “R” comes before the “L.” 

Not that these hints are slightly different than the ones in the SNES original. Specifically, two of the hints are different, but here are all six of them for posterity.

  • There is an “s” in the word.
  • It is found on the bed of the ocean
  • It has two vowels.
  • It has four consonants.
  • At least two consonants are side by side.
  • The “R” comes before the “L”

Your last hint is that there are only a few letters to choose from on each box. The number of words you can make is limited by these selections.

Super Mario RPG Remake Sunken Ship password
Screenshot by Destructoid

Just tell me what the password is

Okay, so if you’re stumped or just don’t want to do the puzzles, then here’s the final password:


Punch that into the six blocks and interact with the pipe on the side of the room, and you’ll be let through the door. I feel it’s worth noting that, according to Destructoid’s own Timothy “Five-hints” Monbleau, it is possible to input the word “CORALS” into the boxes, but it doesn’t work. Once you have PEARLS in there, brace yourself. It’s King Calamari.

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