Suit filed against Sony for Buzz series of games

Bzzt! Sony seems to have buzzed in on a bit of trouble concerning their PS2 quiz title Buzz!.

Buzztime Entertainment filed a suit against SCEE for the alleged violation of several trademarks. They are demanding that all infringing products be recalled and destroyed, as well as asking for a payment of damages. The company claims that Sony Europe is guilty of “malicious, fraudulent, willful and deliberate” trademark violations, reports

So, who the hell is Buzztime Entertainment? They make those silly bar and restaurant trivia games, as well as run games for mobile devices and television. Sony told “We are aware that a complaint has been made against Buzz in the United States, but as is our normal procedure in matters like these we will not be making any public statement.”

I wonder if this will put a damper on the previously planned PS3 release of a Buzz! title. What do you think? Does Buzztime have a valid case? 

Dale North