Suikoden: Tierkreis online mode detailed

You already know that Konami’s Suikoden role-playing game series is making the jump to the Nintendo DS. What we weren’t clear on is just how the new online mode of Suikoden: Tierkreis will work. Today Konami spills the beans.

You know how the Suikoden series centers around a massive cast of 108 characters? Now Konami is trying to put that element to use in this new online mode where you can actually farm out your heroes to other DS players.

From IGN:

…adventurers that want to expand their gameplay out of the single player realm and into a more user-connected community can do that via “Infinity.” This story-supported crossroads of sorts is a place where users can drop off their characters in parallel worlds (other DS players), and have them hired for online-specific quests. Once a character is “hired” from one DS to the other, a specific amount of time is given to complete the mission.

This is a new a different way to earn experience and work with characters you don’t have yet. Also, you’ll be able to earn items that are specific to this mode. Check out a short list of other new online features after the jump.

Wow, this sounds pretty slick. Suikoden: Tierkreis‘ March 17th release date can’t come soon enough.

  • Exchange characters via Wi-Fi.
  • Receive trade goods by clearing quests.
  • Receive rare items as rewards by clearing quests.
  • The exchanged character can get experience.
  • Receive rare items only available in the Wi-Fi mode.
  • Unique boss battle that is only available in the Wi-Fi mode.
Dale North