Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is officially the name of Rocksteady’s next game

Gotham Knights is confirmed too

The pieces are falling into place, all haphazard and chaotically. That’s exactly how Joker and his band of misfit criminals would want it.

A detailed schedule for the upcoming DC FanDome has stolen some of the thunder from Rocksteady’s August 22 reveal of its new Suicide Squad game. Now we know that the game is officially titled Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. An unlikely subtitle, but one that makes Rocksteady’s next effort all the more intriguing.

Rocksteady’s panel is being hosted by Will Arnett, which is an interesting choice to lead the discussion. There’s some history there, as Arnett has voiced Batman in LEGO films. Come on!

That’s not the extent of WB’s FanDome game reveals. WB Montreal’s next game will also be announced there, meaning that it’s definitely DC Comics related. This project has leaked over the course of the past couple months, and it’s most likely called Gotham Knights. This is evidently another Batman game. WB Montreal was the studio responsible for Arkham Origins which was the fourth (and kind of forgotten-about) game among Rocksteady’s Arkham trilogy.

Really though, this is all just confirmation of the rumors that have been swirling since June. It seems as though all those leaks were spot-on. In eight days, we’ll learn about more than just the premise and the branding. We’ll actually see the near future of DC Comics video games all in one place.

Schedule [DC FanDome]

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