Suicide Squad game to be revealed by Rocksteady August 22

‘We’re bad guys… It’s what we do’

It looks like all of the rumours, teasers, and guesswork can finally be put to rest. Developer Rocksteady – renown for its fantastic Batman: Arkham series – has revealed that it will be formally announcing a new game on August 22, centered around DC Comics’ Suicide Squad.

Rocksteady tweeted out a stark poster featuring what appears to be The Man of Steel, Superman, with a Suicide Squad-themed crosshair emblazoned on the back of his head. (But note the sinister eyes… Bizarro?) As DC fans are aware, the Suicide Squad are a reckless band of incarcerated villains, weaponised by the government to perform dirty, under-the-table operations in exchange for special favours or reduced sentences.

A Suicide Squad game has likely been on the cards at Rocksteady for some time, given hints laid out in the post-credits sequence of Rocksteady Montreal’s 2013 release Batman: Arkham Origins. The Canadian sister studio is currently said to be working on its own DC Comics game, Gotham Knights.

More information will be released on August 22, as a part of the “DC Fandome” event – an online celebration of the legendary publisher’s wide and varied universe. In the meantime, you can follow the Suicide Squad project over on its brand new Twitter account.

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