Suda51 wants to see a lot more of his games come to Switch

If he can figure out the rights

In case you missed it, famed developer Goichi Suda (“Suda51” ) has been a staple at the annual MomoCon festival in Atlanta, Georgia; which was canceled this year due to issues relating to the current global pandemic. But that didn’t stop him from holding an online event, where he discussed a very interesting topic: the future of his games on various platforms.

Fans poked and prodded about whether or not his stuff could end up on Switch, and the answer is a bit complicated. “Killer7 is up to Capcom,” he says, having no control over whether or not that classic arrives on Nintendo’s platform (where it would feel right at home given that it came out on GameCube, too). Killer is Dead is another game he mentions by name as something he wants to see on modern platforms, but Kadokawa Games has “split rights,” so it isn’t a given.

Suda says that Silver Case is probably the most likely candidate for a Switch port, and there have “even been discussions about it.” He closes the topic by saying that he’s trying to make it happen, while hinting at a possible Flower, Sun, and Rain remake. Yeah, I’d be okay with any of these.

Game preservation is important, especially when it’s a creator that takes as many risks as Suda.

MomoCon [Twitch via Nintendo Everything]

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