Suda51 hoping to get grim SNES classic Super Fire Pro Wrestling Special on Steam

Spirit of ’95

It was announced just last week that game designer Suda51 was to return to the Fire Pro Wrestling franchise, penning DLC content “The Vanishing” for its latest entry, the very fine Fire Pro Wrestling World.

It seems that his return to the squared circle has lit a nostalgia fire in the No More Heroes creator. Speaking in an interview with Siliconera, Suda noted that he is currently attempting to get the title that essentially made him a name in the industry, Super Fire Pro Wrestling Special, onto Steam.

“Spike Chunsoft branched out overseas and recently I’ve been speaking to Iizuka-san, another producer, about what we can do leading up to this”, Suda told Siliconera. “One thing we are considering is to put the original Super Fire Wrestling Special up on Steam with a proper English release. It’s something they are considering and something I hope they will make a reality. I put a personal request for it too”.

SFPWS is, as mentioned previously, infamous for its miserable story mode, in which the player character loses his girl, sees his coach and tag-partner murdered, accidentally kills his best friend, and ultimately wins the world championship – before going home and shooting himself dead. On release in 1994 it was the subject of great controversy in Japan, becoming partly responsible for Suda51’s climb in the industry and beginning his mythos as a game make who was a little more on the wild side.

Will this old SNES title see the light of day on Steam, with a localisation, no less? Maybe, maybe not. But for now, Fire Pro Wrestling World on PC and PS4 should suit your grappling needs, and with a little less bloodshed to boot.

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