Suda wants to remake Michigan: Report from Hell

Michigan: Report from Hell may have had one of the worst titles for a videogame ever (especially considering the fact that it took place in Chicago and around Lake Michigan, not actually in the state of Michigan), but that doesn’t mean that the Grasshopper Manufacture developed game wasn’t up to par in the interesting category. In the game players took on the role of a cameraman covering different paranormal stories, and basically had to beat each level before running out of tape. It was especially interesting because nearly the entire game was viewed through the camera lens. I hear it was pretty darn cool in the artsy, Suda51 sort of way, but haven’t got a chance to play it myself.

That may change as Suda himself has expressed interest in remaking the game. In a recent Gamasutra interview in which the interviewer basically starts interviewing himself, Suda said that he’d be very interested in remaking Michigan. “In fact, I’d like to make Michigan again, or something like it. There’s a Spanish horror film called REC, and when I watched it, I realized it was pretty much Michigan, right there. I still have a lot of ideas along those lines, and I’d love to work with Spike (the game’s publisher) sometime to make a new Michigan or a remake.”

Enticing, no? Considering how impressively the DS remake of Flower, Sun and Rain went I would be all for a port of the game to my Wii or an all out remake or the concept for any system. However, according to the interviewer, this may never actually happen as Sony has said that they wouldn’t re-release the game since it didn’t have enough gameplay. I’m not sure what that means, but it still leaves two other platforms open for the taking.  

Matthew Razak