Suda says the ball is in Capcom’s court for a Killer 7 Switch port, but he’s up for it

‘Capcom owns 100% of the rights to that game’

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Killer 7 kind of just came out on PC recently out of nowhere. After marinating on the GameCube and PS2 for the last 13 years, Capcom opted to go for a PC edition with the help of NIS America’s publishing efforts. Fandom recently had the chance to speak to the game’s director Goichi Suda (51) to see where the series could go next.

When asked whether or not he’d want to bring the game to Switch, Suda said he’d “love” to, but Capcom owns “100% of the rights.” Suda notes that Capcom is responsible for the recent PC port, but if he wanted to get involved again he’d have to chat with them to see if a Switch port was possible. He also sneaks in a small gripe, saying that the release was so “sudden” that they weren’t able to promote it much.

Suda concludes the interview saying that he has a “duty to make sure that people are even aware that it exists.”

Suda51 Talks Making a Gundam Game, Keeping ‘Killer 7’ Alive and Creating New IPs [Fandom]

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