Suda muses on creating a console defining Switch game like he did with No More Heroes

‘I feel that I made a game that used that Wii technology in one of the best ways’

No More Heroes really shook up the action space.

Although I prefer the sequel’s 2D retro minigames over the first’s “job” system, the original really nailed it when it came to characterization. It has some of the best bosses in gaming, period, and was one of the few instances where waggle was not only hilarious, but justified.

VG247 spoke to the game’s creator, Goichi Suda (Suda 51) recently, and he noted that he wants to do the same thing on the Switch, if possible.  Talking about the subject, he explained, “Nintendo always makes really cool, interesting hardware that gives us new things to do. On the Wii, not to brag, but I feel that I made a game that used that Wii technology in one of the best ways. I want to find a cool new way to play using what Switch offers.”

But, he is still focusing on his recent passion of working with small teams. Evidently, he doesn’t “really think so much about the industry at large,” just what Grasshopper is doing or responding to at the moment. Well that, and the fact that he thinks that the “biggest hit” console era “might be over.” The whole shebang is worth reading if you’re into Suda and his games, and it helps explain why he hasn’t been as active lately (with a light dive into Japanese culture and how the gaming market has shifted into mobile — something I noticed during my visit in the past few years).

Suda 51 wants to make a game as distinctive as No More Heroes for Nintendo’s Switch [VG247]

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