Suda 51’s Fire Pro Wrestling World DLC is out now, and is hopefully non-traumatising

Suda returns to his old stomping ground

Fighting Road: Champion Road Beyond – the story mode expansion penned by the legendary Suda 51 – is now available to purchase for Spike Chunsoft’s great ring-rocking sim Fire Pro Wrestling World.

Champion Road Beyond is a direct sequel to the story mode of 1994’s Super Fire Pro Wrestling Special, in which a young Goichi Suda penned the tale of fictional wrestler Morio Sumisu, a tale notorious for its ultra-grim tone and tragic climax. The waves made in the Japanese game industry by this shocking release helped get Suda’s name on the map as a daring developer, and the rest is history.

The new FPW DLC will see players take on the role of Morio Sumisu’s son, who is just starting out in the business and hopes to find his own path of glory. But with the legacy of his father haunting his every move, will the younger Sumisu succeed in his quest for fame and super-stardom? Or is he destined to fall to similar misadventure?

Also included as part of the DLC download is a brand new interview with Suda 51 himself, in which the No More Heroes and Killer7 director talks about his history with the Fire Pro Wrestling series.

Fighting Road: Champion Road Beyond is available to purchase now for Fire Pro Wrestling World on both PS4 and PC.

Fire Pro Wrestling World DLC launch trailer [Gematsu]

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