Suda 51’s curious Flower, Sun, and Rain DS gets confirmed European release date

Rising Star Games has revealed that it will be bringing Grasshopper Manufacture’s curious title Flower, Sun, and Rain to the Nintendo DS to Europe this October. 

Originally released for Japanese PlayStation 2s in 2001, this early Goichi Suda (“Suda 51”) designed title is just as confusing and bizarre as you’d expect from the man. A detective story with a twist (vampires, luchadors, etc.), the DS port of Flower, Sun, and Rain has been updated to make use of the Nintendo DS touch screen, which will be used to “solve mysteries.” The mystery of “What the f**k is going on in Suda 51’s head?” remains unsolved. 

The DS version of Flower, Sun, and Rain was released in Japan earlier this year; a North American release is expected, but has yet to be confirmed with a publisher or release date.

Revered Japanese title finally gets a European release as Suda51 updates his PlayStation 2 masterpiece; Trailer to be unveiled on August 1st 2008

Luton – July 30th 2008 – Rising Star Games will be keeping both Suda51 and mystery fans happy this autumn with the long-awaited release of Flower, Sun and Rain.

Written and directed by the infamous games creator, this Nintendo DS™ exclusive is the first chance western gamers have had to experience one of Suda51’s earliest creations and offers an insight into the evolution of his unique style following the huge successes of Killer7 and No More Heroes.

Flower, Sun and Rain is an intriguing mystery adventure very much in the vein of Groundhog Day. You play a detective charged with locating and defusing a bomb by solving thought-provoking puzzles with a wealth of bizarre outcomes. Solving the mystery of what is happening to him and his surroundings is necessary before he eventually goes insane.

Originally released on the Sony PlayStation®2, Flower, Sun and Rain was never available outside of Japan and has been high on wish lists of every Suda51 fan since Killer7 was unleashed on the western market in 2005. This updated Nintendo DS version features all the creative quirks that made the original a hit and uniquely utilises the touch screen to solve mysteries, offering players a more intimate experience.

Commenting on its imminent release, Goichi Suda, aka Suda51 commented, “It’s great news that European gamers are getting to play Flower, Sun and Rain. All of my creative work involves a touch of the bizarre and unexpected and this game is no different!”

In keeping with the mystery-solving style of the game, registered users of the Rising Star Games media bank will get an early opportunity to view the game trailer. This brand new trailer will be available on the media bank ( from 9am on Friday, August 1st 2008. It will then be made available to all from 9am the following Monday.

Flower, Sun and Rain will be released throughout Europe from mid-October 2008.

Nick Chester