Suda 51 interested in revisited Killer 7, Michigan

Eccentric game designer and Lucha Libra aficionado Suda Goichi has been chatting about the past, stating that he’d be interested in revisiting some of his old classics like Michigan: Report From Hell and Killer 7. Please, please, don’t let us stop you, Suda!

“… I think that it would be very interesting to create something like Michigan again in the future — it could be really good,” says Suda. “I still talk to Sakurai-san, who is the president of Spike Games which was the publisher of Michigan. They’re also interested in making a game like that again in the future.”

As far as Killer 7 goes, simply had this to say: “If I had the chance, that would be great too!”

I dare say it would be. Killer 7, for all its foibles, was one of my favorite games of the last generation. There has often been talk of a Wii version coming eventually, but I’d relish any chance to return to the twisted world of the Smiths and their many foes. Maybe if we ever got a sequel, we’d find out what the whole bloody thing was about!

SUDA51 on Revisiting Killer 7: ‘If I had the chance, that would be great.’ [Electronic Theater via GoNintendo]

Jim Sterling