Sucker Punch ‘excited’ by PSP, says PS3 not yet suitable for Sly Cooper

Sucker Punch Game Director Nate Fox has confessed that he is a big fan of the PlayStation Portable, and has hinted that Sucker Punch may be interested in bringing a game to the handheld one day.

“PSP is pretty exciting,” stated Fox. “I spend a lot of time on the bus, so it’d be nice to contribute to gamers around the world who also play games on the bus.”

According to Fox, Sucker Punch is currently working on the PlayStation 3 and is too wrapped up with InFamous to do anything else. However, he stated that he would love to do another Sly Cooper game: “I can’t imagine that I won’t make another Sly game in my life. It’s really fun.”

However, he also suggested that the PS3 would not be the right place for Cooper‘s return at the moment. “Right now, in the lifecycle of the PlayStation 3 the people that own them are largely adults,” he stated. “As we get deeper into the lifecycle more kids will have access to them. It makes sense for us to do an adult game or a teen rated game earlier on.”

Or, you know … just put two-and-two together and give us Sly Cooper for PSP. Works for me.

James Stephanie Sterling