Subscribe to Prototype newsletter, learn to bodysurf

Evil publisher Activision has recently bestowed followers of the upcoming Prototype with a rather cool bonus. Should you subscribe to the Prototype newsletter, you will be granted a code to unlock the Bodysurf ability from the very beginning. If you simply can’t wait to jump on people and ride them through the streets of New York, it looks like you’re covered.

Registering for the newsletter is free and once the game launches, you will be emailed the code so that you can start whizzing around town on the backs of screaming innocents the very day of release. Simply go here to register and wait like a good little boy for your code. 

You know a game holds promise when Bodysurfing is being used to lure you into a newsletter. I can’t wait to see if the game turns out as fun as it sounds. 

[Thanks, Neonie]

Jim Sterling