Subnautica is now free on the Epic Store for a limited time

Until December 25

Subnautica was released very early this year on PC and just recently made a splash on PS4 and Xbox One. People kind of slept on it for a while but the console versions have given it a renewed sense of vigor, on top of a pretty killer new promotion on the Epic Games Store.

Right now you can head over to the newly minted store (either in the launcher or on your browser) to grab the game for free until December 25. It’s normally $24.99 but you can just click the store page now and pay nothing so long as you have an Epic account and redeem it before the offer expires (at which point Super Meat Boy will tag in).

Pretty much everyone I know who’s played it, our own reviewer Jordan included, loves it. Make time to press the “free” button at some point in the next week.

Subnautica [Epic Games Store]

Chris Carter
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