Submerged is kind of like Wind Waker if you only count the boat stuff

Forget all that fighting

It may not be the iconic King of Red Lions, but like Wind Waker, Submerged also has a boat that you will become very accustomed to. Sea travel is about the only way to get around, after all. What else are you supposed to do when the city’s half underwater.

Submerged — which releases on August 7 on Xbox One, and on PC and PS4 sometime later — technically focuses on finding supplies to save your dying brother. But, it doesn’t necessarily feel that way. I had a chance to play it for a few minutes at GDC this year, and everything’s much more relaxed than you’d imagine, given the circumstances. When I asked the developer if the player would ever feel a sense of anxiety, stress, or conflict, he basically responded in the negative.

Instead, Submerged takes a mellowed approach. See that building off yonder? Go explore. Maybe climb it. See if anything’s hiding there. Unravel a bit of story possibly. Then, boat over to scale something else. Your little bro will understand that you just want to chill for a while.

Brett Makedonski
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