Subject Zero the focus of new Mass Effect 2 screens

The first footage of Subject Zero — a previously unannounced character in Mass Effect 2hit the Internet earlier this weekend. The character-centric trailer revealed a tough-curse-slinging woman with short hair, tattoos, and a desire for what’s in Commander Shepard’s pants. We’re guessing there’s just a little more to Subject Zero, but for right now, we’ll have to take that ridiculousness at face value.

If you missed the footage, definitely give it a spin, but also take the time to check out the screenshots in the gallery below. These images give off the same kind of vibe the video was shooting for without all the hardcore groping, cursing, and punching.

Subject Zero will join Shepard’s little suicide crew in order to aid him in his mission to save the galaxy (or something of that sort). We expect to hear more about Subject Zero in the future — specifically why she’s so ramped up would be great — but if we don’t, we’ll certainly learn more when Mass Effect 2 hits in 2010.

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