Sub-Zero’s back-story is serious business

I love playing me some Mortal Kombat, but I’ll admit I’m not steeped in its lore. I just kind of want to rip people’s spines out and punch them into pits. I’m fine with that.

But let me get something straight: Scorpion is mad at Sub-Zero because Sub-Zero killed him and his clan, right? But this new Sub-Zero, who is actually the brother of the old Sub-Zero (who killed Scorpion and his clan), is upset with Scorpion because he… killed the old Sub-Zero? Is that what’s happening?

My brain hurts, and I’m not even sure that’s actually the story. But who cares? The new Mortal Kombat looks awesome. I just hope these fighters don’t talk that much, because I’d then have to crush their lungs by smashing in their ribs. But hey, isn’t that what Mortal Kombat is all about?

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