Sub-Zero and all his ice clones hit Injustice 2 tomorrow

Awww, he has an adorable little cape!

Sub-Zero will be slipping and sliding into Injustice 2 tomorrow, automatically unlocking for players who purchased the deluxe version of the game or the first character pack. This is a day I’ve been dreading since he was first announced. Sub-Zero was the bane of my existence in Mortal Kombat X. Even after years of play, I still fell for his ice clone shenanigans every single time and if anything it looks like he’ll be even more annoying in Injustice 2.

Sub-Zero seems very similar to his MKX iteration in Injustice 2, only with some over-the-top improvements to his abilities. The old ninja has learned some new tricks such as popping out ice clones in the air, popping out multiple ice clones at once, sending ice clone versions of himself in for dive kicks and slides, and having an ice clone stab an opponent in the back while he hits them in the face with a hammer. Did I mention the ice clones? 

You can check out a break down of his abilities and playstyle from a stream NetherRealm held a few days ago. Sub-Zero might look annoying, but I have to admit that I am pretty tickled by his little waist-cape.

I’ll be playing him as soon as I can and you can expect a detailed write-up of what I think of the ninja, and if he is as healthy an inclusion in to the game as Red Hood proved to be, later in the week.

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