Stylish deduction RPG Gnosia is coming to PC in 2021

Imposter Syndrome

It’s time to put on your Sherlock Holmes hat and re-open your detective agency. Publisher Playism has announced that the super-cool, ultra-hip “social deduction” game Gnosia will be coming to PC later this year, following its launch on Nintendo Switch back in March.

Developed by Petit Depotto, Gnosia is a dark and quirky tale of a group of humans together on a drifting spaceship. Among these humans are several “Gnosia,” a shape-shifting being hell-bent on replicating and eradicating its human hosts. Players must use social skills, conversation, and gut instincts to ascertain which characters are real and which are Gnosia, confining those accused to suspended animation. But will you correctly identify the imposters, or condemn innocent parties to the “Cold Sleep”?

This unique gameplay — reminiscent of tabletop titles of the “Werewolf” genre — plays out against a repetitive and ever-evolving narrative, allowing players to become better acquainted with characters and hopefully a little more adept at spotting the imposters. Gnosia offers a novel and unique concept for a video game, married to a cool cast of characters and some very stylish art direction. Check out CJ Andriessen’s Switch review to read his thoughts on the surreal, sci-fi experience.

Gnosia launches on PC via Steam later this year. It is available now on PS Vita and Switch.

Chris Moyse
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