Stupidity manifests itself as a Wii 8-in-1 weapon accessory kit

Taken by itself, this “Wii Weapon Kit 8-in-1 Bundle Set” by Dragon Electronics is pretty idiotic. Shipping with eight pieces designed to attach to the Wii remote and nunchuk, the goal is apparently to create a more immersive experience. Playing Resident Evil 4? Perhaps you might enjoy the “short knife pad” for all of your box-busting needs. Twilight Princess? Try the “shield pad” and “short sword pad” combo.

Like I said: pretty idiotic.

But the product features are even more nonsensical, touting such selling points as “amazing, exciting, fantastic and training body reaction,” and “Physical exercise ideal Wii accessories product and good for health.” I’m beginning to think the $27.95 price point might be worth the laughs.

[Via Engadget — Thanks, Debbey]

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