Stuff Magazine confirms Michael Jackson, Interpol, and more for new Guitar Hero

Not just good for boobies and stories about men getting mauled by bears, Stuff Magazine has what appears to be hands-on impressions of Neversoft’s upcoming Guitar Hero World Tour

Besides pictures of themselves playing the game and the basic “the new instruments feel good” drivel, the article also lists a handful of previously unannounced songs:

  • Interpol – “Obstacle 1”
  • The Doors – “Light My Fire”
  • Linkin Park – “In The End”
  • Michael Jackson – “Beat It”
  • Smashing Pumpkins – “Bullet with Butterfly Wings”

The list joins an already impressive set list of songs which feature tracks by Jimi Hendrix, Billy Idol, the Beastie Boys, and more. If retail releases lists are to be believed, we’ll be playing these songs (and more) on October 26.

So, are any of these newly revealed tracks the tipping point for those already in the Rock Band camp?

[Via Guitar Hero forums — thanks, power-glove]

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