Study: Women motivated to play violent video games to feel more attractive

Also have higher sex drives

A study on the use of violent video games shows that women felt motivated to play violent games in part because doing so made them feel more attractive to a partner.

“What we found was that desire for sex was correlated with their violent video game play,” wrote authors Michael Kasumovic and Tom Denson. “And both men and women who said that they were more interested in sex played more violent video games.”

The stereotype of gamers being basement dwellers who are more interested in video games and technology has been proven false by the study. “Rather, gamers are often interested in sex. And the gamers who are most interested in sex tend to play the most violent games. From an evolutionary perspective, this makes some sense. Like other animals, in our ancestral past, those who successfully competed and secured resources and mates had the most offspring.”

I wonder if the ability to perform a five-star tea bag on someone in Halo carries over to actual sexual performance? Now that is a study I’d like to read and partake in (with your mom).

Video gamers are sexy, or at least they think they are [The Conversation]

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