Study: Videogames allow you to commit war crimes

Videogames: The create murderers. They breed rapists. They warp our children. Now they violate international law and allow gamers to commit heinous war crimes. That’s the assertion of two human rights organizations, in any case. They conducted what one could kindly call a ludicrously unimportant study to come to their conclusions and have managed to prove … well, nothing.

Trial and Pro Juventute are the two groups who played these games under the guidance of humanitarian lawyers, looking at such games as Army of Two, Call of Duty: World at War, Far Cry 2 and many more. It seems that their only real goal in this study was to piss and moan about the results. Piss and moan they did.

“The practically complete absence of rules or sanctions is … astonishing,” states the study. ” … “[We] call upon game producers to consequently and creatively incorporate rules of international humanitarian law and human rights into their games.”

Games were chosen over movies thanks to their interactivity, which the study claims blurs the lines between reality and fiction to create a “simulation of real life situations on the battlefield.” The report was critical of the fact that characters can be tortured, summary executions can be found and “protected objects” like churches and mosques can be destroyed. Videogames don’t wage war according to the Geneva convention, basically.

This is one of the stupidest game-related studies ever.

James Stephanie Sterling