Student film Turbo now online for your viewing pleasure

Turbo is a low budget student film set around a futuristic fighting game called Super Turbo Arena … or modern day fighting game thanks to Natal. We brought up Turbo back when it was first revealed and now the movie is available for you to check out after the break.

The plot revolves around a tournament searching for some of the best players that play the futuristic fighting game. What’s really going to grab your attention is the stellar special effects work. The CG looks like something from a full fledged Hollywood production. Plus, the script was written by Brent Strickland who’s working on the new Wonder Woman movie. Not bad for a student film, eh?

If you got a half-hour to kill, then check out Turbo. There’s some merch stuff you can buy over on the official site if you’d like to give them some support too.

[Correction: Jarrett Conaway and Brent Strickland of Wonder Woman fame are shopping the script around Hollywood. Brent did not work on the student film itself.]

Hamza Aziz