Strippable Dead or Alive figures for the dirty, shameful win

Those chaps over at the Hair Palace bring news of sordid plastic debauchery in the form of a rather skimpy Ayane (Dead or Alive Xtreme 2) figurine that can show even more flesh than it bares by default. It’s not like her skirt and top leave much to the imagination as it is, but this particular model allows you to remove such obscuring garments to reveal the sweet, sweet underwear that lies beneath, awaiting excavation like precious artifacts of ages long since past. Coming straight from the land of the rising penis, this is yet another shocking reflection of the state of humanity … but what a tight-assed reflection, right guys?

If your rotten heart desires such smut for your bedroom shelf, feel free to visit Japanese site Amiami with 8,190 yen in hand and place a pre-order for November. If you happen to see a large Englishman over there wearing dark glasses and trying not be seen as he exchanges money for plastic quasi-porn then it’s not me, it’s Joe Burling, who also sent in this tip. That kind of proves he’s the pervoid out of the two of us.

Jim Sterling