Stringer: PS3 launch pushed to April [update]

We’re not sure if it’s just a slip of the tongue, but Sony’s Sir Howard Stringer told Cnet’s that the PlayStation 3 will launch in Europe in April and not in March, delaying the console even more for European fans. You might shrug off that it’s just a month, but considering the reaction the fans gave the first delay news, this can’t be sitting well with those Gran Turismo lads. Here’s what Stringer said:

What are the goals for this year for PlayStation?
Stringer: I think it’s 6 million units by the end of the quarter, worldwide. And then we have got the European launch in April, which is very important to us. I think we have 20 games out there. I assume we’re going to increase the number of games.

We’re inclined to believe Stringer on this since our own crystal ball Nex predicted the same thing would happen. Will the bad news ever stop? 

[Update: A Sony Europe spokesperson has already gone on record to say that Stringer was wrong in saying the PS3 would launch in Europe in April. Here’s the statement: “A SCEE spokesperson has told that PlayStation 3 is still on track to launch in Europe in March, despite suggestions from Sony CEO Howard Stringer that it will be here in April.”] 


Robert Summa