Street Fighter V’s March update is coming next week, and there’s a lot in it

Alex gets added on March 30

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Capcom’s relative silence had many people wondering if the free March update for Street Fighter V — a game in need of updates and additions — would actually make its promised window. Turns out that it will, but just barely. Street Fighter V‘s March update is coming next Monday on March 28, and it’s fairly hefty.

One of the major improvements is the inclusion of a tutorial system for all characters. These demonstrations have three different levels: Beginner, intermediate, and advanced. There are also combo trials for all 16 fighters for proper honing of skills.

Also of note is the Battle Lounge, which now supports eight player lobbies, including match spectating. And, there’s a new two-out-of-three option for online fights for those seeking a quick rematch. Aside from that, Capcom promises the standard bug squashing and gameplay balancing.

That’s the first half of the update. The second half drops two days later on March 30, and it concerns itself with the Street Fighter V storefront. This is when Alex will be added to the game, the first of the DLC characters. It’s also when players will be able to spend the Fight Money they’ve accrued in their time playing Street Fighter V.

Interestingly enough, the opening of the store doesn’t mean people can spend actual money. Capcom says that it isn’t yet ready for the Zenny shop (the game’s term for real currency) to function, so Fight Money is the only option for a while. To compensate, Capcom’s letting players use Alex on a trial basis until the Zenny shop is ready. Once that happens, Alex will need to be paid for one way or another if you want to use him.

All of this waiting and frustration from Street Fighter V‘s less than ideal launch comes with a small reward. Capcom is making Ryu and Chun-Li’s story mode costumes available for free on March 30. Some people will welcome that (an 80,000 Fight Money value!), but others will just be a little more content that Street Fighter V‘s on its way to being a complete game.

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