Street Fighter V’s crossover Resident Evil costumes finally put pants on Cammy

Pantaloon City

Next week, Street Fighter V is getting a trio of high-profile crossover costumes. On November 27, Resident Evil comes to Street Fighter.

Specifically, Cammy will get a Jill Valentine costume, Urien will get a Albert Wesker costume, and Kolin will get an Ada Wong costume. These aren’t for Extra Battle. They’re outfits that are only available for purchase. While Capcom hasn’t yet named a price, they’ll likely be $4 each.

Here’s what each of them look like:

As for the obvious bombshell here, this is the first time Cammy suits up in pants. She usually wears, uh, something skimpier. Some people thought she was wearing pants in the Haunting Ground DLC that released in August. Chaps don’t really count. Dressed as Jill, Cammy is definitely wearing tactical pants now. 

And, just for the record, Urien and Kolin are also wearing pants. But that’s not a special occasion.

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