Street Fighter V’s Alex is coming in March, here’s some concept art

For straight cash or Fight Coins

[Update: Here’s the new roadmap for Street Fighter V‘s content drops. Alex in March, characters in April, May, July, August, and September, and the cinematic story in June. Said other fighters include Ibuki, Balrog, Juri, Urien, and Guile. Capcom is also making the following claim: “At launch, playing through most of the single player content (in fact, just the Character Stories) will give you enough Fight Money to get Alex for free!”]

Now that Street Fighter V is mere days away, Capcom is spilling the beans on a lot of well-kept secrets. We now know that legacy fightsticks are supported, for instance, and the first DLC character has been confirmed as Alex, who will arrive sometime in March.

To be clear, Capcom has a new system in place that allows people to earn “Fight Coins” as credit of sorts for playing, to buy DLC with — very similar to IP in League of Legends. There’s also a premium currency called “Zenny” (ha, classic Capcom) that you can use to purchase characters outright. In a sense, this is how the series has always been, but hardcore players will be able to earn people for free, in theory.

I haven’t been able to confirm the final rate of accrual yet for Fight Coins personally, as Capcom hasn’t enabled that element of the game yet in the live version. Characters, including Alex, will be 100,000 Fight Coins. Expect more info when it goes live next week.

CapcomChannel [YouTube via Shoryuken]

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