Street Fighter V will be going free next week to test out new matchmaking changes

PC only, though

Capcom is soon going to implement a new matchmaking system into their “Capcom Fighters Network” for Street Fighter V. Instead of holding a closed beta to make sure everything is up to snuff, the company has decided to give the public a chance to test out every facet of Street Fighter V while using the feedback to tweak anything that needs changing.

Starting March 28 and running until April 3, Steam players will be able to download Street Fighter V for free and will have immediate access to all characters currently available. “We understand that Street Fighter V’s server performance has been a less than optimal experience for many of our players,” says the Steam community post. “That said, we want to collect feedback and ensure everything is optimized for launch [of new CFN]. We will be giving PC players a sneak peek of what’s to come while putting the new CFN through its paces with an official PC Beta Test.”

All ranking progress made in this CFN Beta will not carry over to the main game. Since this is a separate client from the main title, anything you do will have no impact on your current rankings (though you can log in with your old CFN username). Along with that, this beta will only contain online modes, so you won’t have a free run at the campaign. A large list of changes being made to the game can be found on the Steam community post.

Even though this beta is meant for research, I’m definitely going to use it as an extended demo. I’ve still yet to convince myself whether or not to buy the main game, but having actual online time before purchasing could sway me. For some reason, fighters tend to have the worst time when it comes to netcode, so I’m always cautious before diving in.

A New CFN Is Coming Your Way! [Steam Community]

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