Street Fighter V Arcade Edition’s patch notes briefly appear online

And like that… they’re gone

Yesterday, an entire list of patch notes pertaining to the full roster of Capcom’s Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition were uploaded to Japan’s CFN page. These were quickly followed up by a Tweet noting that the notes were not final, before the whole list eventually vanished completely.

Fortunately, the balance tweaks, buffs, nerfs and everything in-between were live long enough to be translated by Event Hubs’ MajinTenshinhan, who put up a whole laundry list of character changes, for better or worse.

Although it bears repeating that we were told these changes were “not final”, that’s a helluva lot of balancing going on, so there’s a pretty good chance the list is at least somewhat accurate to what we’ll see when Arcade Edition drops this month.

The entire list of supposed changes can be found right here. While every character has sen numerous frame tweaks and hit-and-hurt box alterations, I’m sure its no surprise to hear that characters such as Alex and Juri have received some benefits, while headhunters Balrog and Laura have been tamed a little (just a little, mind, they still look pretty monstrous).

Balance changes in general should be taken with salt. Ultimately, it all comes down to how the stuff is implemented in play by the community. Sometimes, supposedly buffed characters are still left floundering, while characters who have had their legs cut off merely adapt slightly and continue to steamroller the opposition. I guess we’ll find out throughout 2017.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition launches on PS4 and PC January 19.

SFV:AE Patch notes released, reportedly not final [Event Hubs]

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