Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition’s new V-Trigger attacks detailed

Consider me triggered

Capcom have revealed details on the V-Trigger II attacks being added to the entire roster of one-on-one scrapper Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. Players will now be able to select from one of two V-Trigger options before a fight begins, ala Critical Arts in SFIII: Third Strike.

From an in-match standpoint, SFV’s biggest issue has been its total lack of variance and individuality in character play, i.e. all Ryu players play the same way, all Zangief players play the same way, albeit to different levels of success. Hopefully the selectable V-Skill option will shake up character’s gameplans and bring a little individual style to the fight.

The new V-Triggers range from  moveset adjustments, such as an electrified Laura getting a new dash command grab, to new cancels, like Akuma being able to link new chains. Some characters are getting classic attacks back, such as Ken’s Shinryuken and Chun-Li’s Kikosho.

Obviously finding out whether any of this stuff is any good will have to wait until the game’s launch, then experimentation can begin. But anything that provides potential for variance in the flow of the fight can hardly be considered a bad thing. It has also been noted that balance changes will be coming to Arcade Edition’s roster, which the whole community had already taken as given, to be honest.

All of the hot deets about the new V-Triggers can be found over at the Capcom Unity blog.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition launches January 16 on PS4 and PC.

Chris Moyse
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