Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition pops up in store listing

It’s probably getting to be about that time

A now-removed listing for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition has surfaced at online retailer ShopTo and rest assured, the internet was there to catch it and take a screencap for posterity.

The store’s description left a lot to the imagination in terms of what all might make it into the package — it only noted a January 16, 2018 release and £39.99 price point — but it seems like a believable product, and this week’s Tokyo Game Show would be a good opportunity for an announcement.

Street Fighter V is in a tricky place and has been for some time now. I’m not sure how much of an impact a release like this would even have at this point. Personally, I own the disc but I’m pretty much done with SFV, and I don’t see a potential arcade mode suddenly rekindling my interest. What about you?

[Via Eurogamer] [Image source]

Jordan Devore
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