Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition final balance notes released

Whatever changes, Balrog will still rek hedz

Capcom have released the final, confirmed patch notes for the upcoming Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. The list contains all the tweaks pertaining to the game’s roster, as SFV contains to shuffle itself into a balanced sweet spot.

Of no surprise to anyone, powerful dudes and dudettes such as Laura and Balrog have had their wings clipped somewhat, while those struggling in the lower ranks, such as Best Girl Juri, have been given potential boosts. As with all balance changes, this stuff should be taken with a pinch of salt (no pun intended) as the game is in the hands of the players, who sometimes rise above any handicaps placed on their Top Tier faves.

In other news, the Frame Data tester, recently leaked, has been confirmed legitimate. The useful colour-coded tool can be used in training mode to visually show advantage and disadvantage in character attacks and movement techniques such as Dashing. It will be a blessing to those who struggle with number-riddled frame charts.

The patch notes can be found at the Capcom Unity blog right here. How did your favourites fare?

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition lands on PC and PS4 in North America on January 16. The PS4 physical and digital release is now delayed in Europe until January 19. But existing SFV owners will be able to download the expansion on the 16th.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition final patch notes released [Capcom Unity]

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