Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition arcade to be titled Street Fighter V: Type Arcade


Capcom are currently preparing for a new wave of location tests on the upcoming coin-op release of their flagship fighter Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. They have also finally named said release as Street Fighter V: Type Arcade.

The new wave of location tests are to be held next week at four locations in Japan. The last run featured some reported lag issues between cabinets, but hopefully Team Capcom have gotten said bugs ironed out and soon the Japanese SFV community will be headed out to the amusements with a pocketful of yen.

The locations of the next test run can be found below. SFV: Type Arcade will be available at these venues this coming weekend, between November 30 and December 1. Street Fighter V is available now on PS4 and PC.

  • Sendai – Taito Station Sendai Clisroad
  • Tokyo – Club Sega Shinjuku Nishiguchi
  • Kyoto – Neo Amusement Space A-Cho
  • Fukuoka – Taito Station Fukuoka Tenjin
Chris Moyse
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