Street Fighter V almost had a fighting politician in its roster

Senator Armstrong?

Capcom seemingly isn’t out of wacky ideas yet, if these “cutting room floor” concepts are any indication.

Speaking on the development of Street Fighter V, the publisher just released a ton of concept art for unused fighters, including a “Literary Master,” a “Fighting President,” a “Clumsy Cutie” (whose clothes fall off in battle, ha), “Miss Babo,” a Soccer Fighter” (which was deemed to close to Roberto from Rival Schools), “Gen’s Disciple,” “The Teacher,” and a “Prototype Shadaloo Soldier.”

While some of these would have been better suited for the Super/Vs. series, several of them look amazing. The Fighting President in particular could have been awesome story-wise, and I’m immediately getting flashbacks of Senator Armstrong’s badassery in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. And flashbacks of Rival Schools.

I have a lot of games to replay this weekend, haha.

The Cutting Room Floor [Capcom]

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