Street Fighter Online puts a… special item in the store

I’ll admit it, I don’t really know much about Street Fighter Online. Hell, I don’t know much about Street Fighter besides what I’ve played of SFII and the characters who are in Marvel vs. Capcom. But I do know perverted Japanese things. You can rest assured on that one.

What we’ve got here from Famitsu is a couple of items from the Street Fighter Online item shop. Available in the store are twp “Super-Exciting Rare Items” — otherwise known as barely-visible clothing for Chun-Li and Baichoufu. These bits of clothing are personal, though, and you’ll be the only one to see them, as you sit in your dark room, illuminated only by the monitor light, with an overflowing garbage can and lack of pants. Enough with the flashbacks, though.

Chun-Li’s outfit is called “Virgin White,” while Baichoufu is “Wild Panther.” Sure, Guile’s sunglasses and Baichoufu’s other outfit, but who cares about those items when there are tits at hand?

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