Street Fighter movie info: Who the hell is Maya Sunee?

I’m not so sure about this one, but here goes: the official Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li blog has the first image of one of the film’s characters, Detective May Sunee. Wait … who?

“She’s Bangkok Gangland Homicide,” writes Aaron Horwitz on the blog. “A no-nonsense, fast-talking, half-Thai cop who rocks a Ducati and a set of gold cuffs.”

So that’s her above, played by actress Moon Bloodgood (from the failed, but decent, television series Journeyman), whose real name is actually cooler than the character. My question is this — were there not enough existing Street Fighter universe characters to do the job? Well, I guess 1994’s Street Fighter: The Movie answered that question, didn’t it? 

The blog also has production art from the film that features Vega battling Chun Li, and kind of redeems the whole “we wanted to write an attractive, bad-ass Asian chick into the film for the hell of it” thing. Check it out.

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