Street Fighter IV’s mobile port gets a new version

Can you spend more money? Shoryuken!

It has been roughly six years since Street Fighter IV graced mobile devices with a new update. The last release, Street Fighter IV Volt, came out in 2011. With Street Fighter V being the latest entry in the series, you’d think Capcom would be done trying to whore out their series revival, but you’d be incorrect. Just launched today, Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition (making a call back to Street Fighter II) is available on iOS for $4.99.

The new update includes improved widescreen support for modern devices, gamepad compatibility and brings three new characters. You’ll have access to Dudley, Ibuki and Poison, bringing the total roster up to 25 fighters. Online multiplayer is included with this release, so you’ll be able to test your mettle against the world (if anyone actually buys this).

Having bought both of the previous versions on iOS, I’m surprised this isn’t just an update for Volt. That being said, I did quite enjoy the conversion to mobile devices, so I’m eager to see how well this new update holds up. Maybe with full gamepad support, the game won’t have to be simplified to make sense.

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Peter Glagowski
Former Dtoid staff member.