Street Fighter IV producer teases Comic Con announcement

EVO 2010 is in full effect, and Capcom fighting fans are all a buzz with positive energy. One of the world’s biggest Capcom fans actually work for Capcom. I’m talking about Ono-san, the producer of Super Street Fighter IV). He hasn’t been very effective at containing his excitement, which has led to a few loose tweets about an upcoming project that he thinks is bigger than Street Fighter IV.

He wont spill on if it’s an adventure game of a fighting game, (all he’ll tell us is that “we’re in for a real treat“), but he is alluding to the idea that he may announce something at this year’s Comic Con (“I can’t say announcement at EVO. Maybe, I’ll be able to speak new thing at Comic-Con !!“) He’s also re-pledged his allegiance to the Darkstalkers series, stating that a new Darkstalkers game “…is my lifework. I want to achieve it some time.

He’s ruled out the idea of Capcom Vs. SNK 3 (Personally, I hope for it. But I don’t have time“) or Mortal Kombat Vs. Street Fighter (“It’s slim to none), so I’m thinking this will be a whole new series, a Darkstalkers game, or some sort of new Vs. title. Tekken vs Street Fighter is one rumor that’s been floating around, and the producer of Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 told me himself that he’d like to make Nintendo Vs. Capcom. Hmmmm.

The suspense is killing me, Ono-san. Please don’t forget to announce something at Comic Con this year. I don’t care if all you announce is that love big butts (and you can not lie), but please, just announce something. And if you’re going to make a new Darkstalkers, get Paul Robertson involved. Please.

[UPDATE: RMC at Gonintendo noticed that Ono has also announced that he’ll be showing a trailer of something at Comic Con. Thanks RMC!]


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