Street Fighter IV premium theme quietly tip-toes onto Xbox LIVE

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring … except Capcom, who snuck a Street Fighter IV Premium Theme onto Xbox LIVE!

The 250 MS Points theme was made available on December 24, just in time for the holidays. Now I want Street Fighter IV just as much as the next gamer; I’ve had quite enough of playing it at crowded industry events or stinky arcades … bring it home already, Capcom! 

But after reading about the Street Fighter IV theme’s released on Tilted Screen, something possessed me to fire up my console and then spend 250 MS Points on it. I have never purchased a theme in my life, and have even publicly thrown stones at anyone who has. But there I was, spending $3.12, and for what?

Not much, actually — there’s some fancy Street Fighter-themed backgrounds when viewing your friends list, and there’s some “wallpapers” that are mostly obscured by NXE menus. So is this thing worth three bucks? Nah, probably not. But are there really any premium themes worth the dough? Have you spend money on any themes and felt satisfied with your purchase?

Nick Chester